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Here are some of my favourite copy tips and tricks. I'm keeping these ones easy to understand and practical to implement. The next time you're writing a website, email, poster or post - try one or more of these tips. And see the difference in the work you create!

1. Use Alliteration

All this means is that you're using words that begin with the same sound. It helps create a catchy cadence in your copy.
Here's an example:

McDonald's billboard with alliteration

In this case, every word in the headline starts with the same sound which makes it more memorable and gives it more impact. Say it out loud and compare it for yourself. Big. Beefy. Bliss. vs. Large. Meat-filled. Good times.

2. Make copy scannable

When you see an ad, webpage, email, or brochure what do you do? You probably scan the content first and if the info seems worthwhile - read the parts that seem valuable. Knowing that this is how we read - it makes sense to cater to that. This brochure is a great example. It uses subheads, colour and short paragraphs to break up the copy, and make it easy for the audience to read.

Brochure With Five umbrellas

3. Try a parallel structure

Create 2-3 short sentences that are structured the same way and have the same rhythm. Here's an example:

Cut your costs. Build your business.

Or try this twist. Write 2 short sentences that have the same structure, and a third sentence doesn't. By breaking the rhythm, you'll put more emphasis on the 3rd sentence.

Cut your costs. Build your business. Try the low rate, no-fee Visa card today.

4. Be concise

Convey your message is as few words as possible, while staying true to your brand voice. Here's an example.

We want to make you aware of a new offer designed to help you increase sales.

We can easily make this shorter:

This new offer helps you boost sales.

See? We're conveying the same message, but in fewer words. Always look for words you can remove or replace to make each sentence or phrase a little shorter.

5. Include a Call to Action

Don't leave your customer hanging. Let them know what action they should take next. Be direct clear and concise. Here are a few examples:

Contact your Advisor
Reserve your order today
Sign up to confirm your spot
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